Vevo MD UHF 48 - Skin surface with gel as a standoff

Vevo MD UHF 70 - Adult low flow vein 2D - See each blood cell passing through vessel.
This study by Adelsperger et al. uses Vevo ultrasound imaging to generate predictive models for the formation and growth of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). Learn more. Vevo MD UHF 48 Skin surface with gel as a standoff. Share. Request a Quote or Demo Contact Us. Facebook Twitter Youtube linkedIn instagram.
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The Vevo MD is the world’s first dermatology ultrasound system designed specifically for imaging superficial anatomy; Vevo MD UHF 48 Skin surface with gel as a standoff. Vevo MD UHF 48 Skin surface with gel as a standoff. Superficial Lump. Post Op Scars. Vein with Valve. Foreign Body.
In order to obtain high impact during ultrasonic cavitation peening, a small standoff distance between a sound radiator and a rigid reflector (the surface of treated specimen) is necessary. However, the effects of different standoff distances on the capability of ultrasonic cavitation peening are not yet clear.
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